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The Cybrary brings Homestead an ultra-modern, public library that bridges the gap between literacy and cutting-edge technology.  Using innovations like augmented and virtual reality, texture mapping, and interactive robots, the Cybrary will bring excitement back to libraries, literacy, and learning!



When the City of Homestead looked at how it could improve the function and feel of its downtown, it considered how the services provided by local government could be similarly improved. The city built a new state-of-the-art City Hall, a new police headquarters and restored a 1921 theater that had been closed for 40 years. According to city officials, building a new library near these projects made sense to create a critical mass in the downtown that would encourage the private sector to invest in new projects downtown, as well.



"The Cybrary was designed to break every stereotype — no shushing, no boredom." — The Miami Herald

"The City of Homestead is redefining the library experience. " — Quality Cities Magazine